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“BRB 5 min!”

Hey lewdies <3 Nessie has to take a little break (to… drink water) during her streaming session tonight. It’s warm there 😘 Have a good week! I hope you enjoy it Hairy version: Support me on Patreon: BTW, Please visit my streaming channel ❤❤❤ : (and subscribe for alerts when I start) … Read more

Warm massage – Nessie and Karen

Hello lewdies! Happy new year ❤ Nessie wanted to surprise Karen for the holiday season with a soft massage, and it worked pretty well actually! It’s been already more than 1 year that they kissed. Time goes so fast! Thank you so much for supporting me! I know repeat it again and again, but your … Read more

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, lewdies! I hope you are enjoying good times I’ll take 2-3 days of vacations to rest my head a little bit, read books, enjoy my presents, relax, eat chocolate, and then I’ll continue this story with Nessie and Karen. I missed drawing them: the last story was in august! (the time is going … Read more

Natasha’s butt

Hey lewdies, A single artwork, because I just wanted to draw a big shiny butt, … and I thought Natasha had a nice one, no? :3 Alison seems to really enjoy this easy game. Have a good week everyone! 😊 “No spanking” version: Hairy version: Previous story: Support me on Patreon: … Read more