The bus story


Alison turned to her brother : “We have to take the fucking bus today…”

A single seat remained on the bus and the siblings took it, annoyed that they had to sit together. Alison twirled her hair, bored, tapping her heel to pass the time. As the engine cranked to idle, one last student leapt aboard: a familiar blonde with misty blue eyes! Nessie stood up front, dismayed, noticing the bus was already full.

Alison waved excitedly.

Alison: “Hey babe, there’s room for you on my lap!”


So I work on this for an entire week, I really hope you’ll enjoy it !!! <3

Thank for @futanearie who helped me to come up with this idea



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I’m a hentai artist and I love futanaris so much! I am the creator of the futanari Nessie, Alison, and her brother. Also Natasha and Karen. All my stories and artworks are FREE. I hope you love my work ❤ ❤ ❤


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