VIDEO – Locker room sex – Nessie and Alison


Locker room sex – Nessie and Alison

Hey my lewdies <3
You waited so long, I worked 2 weeks on it! I hope you’ll enjoy my first video!

I was inspired a lot by Rondo duo lately. Be cool with the quality, this is my first real animation project, I tried to do my best! 😀

What do you think?

I also made a “pubic and hole hair” version:

Alexia – @poisonousbeauty

Ophelia’s Song by Jeris (c) copyright 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Ft: Musetta





  1. The animation was crazy good!

    … Who’s the girl that was watching, though? Is this her first appearance, or has she shown up somewhere else? Do you think we’ll see her again? (Lewdua doesn’t want to do a threesome or cheating though, so if she does reappear, I’m not sure if she’d interact with nessie or alison at all.)

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