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  1. Beautiful as always. I love how Alison got aggressive by claiming Nessie as her own.😍 I can really feel Alison’s love for Nessie which is something you don’t see many other artists express. ☺️I kind of want to see Alison use her big cock to teach the other Futa a lesson by fucking her into submission. 😊🍆🍑Can’t wait to see how the story continues. 😄

  2. Hello Lewdua! First of all, I wanna tell you just how much I love your work!

    One, the art is super super gorgeous! You have a way with capturing the atmosphere that I just love. It may be the color scheme. Maybe the expressions. Maybe the lighting. I don’t know man/woman. You just capture the atmosphere very well.

    Two, I. LOVE. YOUR. CHARACTERS. DESIGN!!! Like, wtf, Nessie is the cutest smallest most precious thing every but then she has what apparently seem like the biggest dick in the world. I’m not gay but I wanna suck that dick. I don’t know what that says about me though. Then there is Allison. Who…unf, she’s so beautiful. Although I don’t like how you drew her bangs a clean cut line. She looks way way better when it’s not just a chunk of hair covering her forehead. I like pretty much every single thing about her. Oh my god, she’s so hot. AND THAT MOLE OH MY GOD! YES! I also just love that you don’t draw them as the Anorexically thin like the world wants them to be. Like, to me Allison is a super model. I. LOVE. THE MEAT!

    Three, I love the character’s personalities here. Like…I sometimes feel like they’re real people with souls because I can see just how much they love each other @.@ and I just love it. Like, it’s not just about the sex, although it’s what I came here for in the first place. Now I just come here to see Alison’s and Nessie’s love explode!

    Four, I just love the story lines. I pretty much love every single comic you made and I think this one took it further. Although I love with when it’s just Nessie and Allison making love like in “Good Morning Babe.” (my favorite) I also love how there are other characters involved with the two of them like in “The Bus Story” where we were introduced to Allison’s brother who’s gorgeous by the way O.O I was surprised when I realized he’s a boy. Which by the way, what’s his story? Is he trans? Male to Female? Or just a cross dresser? I look forward to see more of him 🙂 and in this comic, I’m intensely attracted to the new Futa. I thought she was Alison at first from the roughs, but then she’s not. Her features are much more defined. Her hair is a lot different(I love it) and she’s missing that sinful mole. Unf. She’s so hot. Did not expect to see a Futa at all. I really really hope we get officially introduced to her in the future and see more of her ^^ I wanna see her in action too. That red head though O.O them boobs, that hair, them eyes, that meat oh my god she looks so fucking good and she’s so thirsty for Nessie’s huge futa dick too! I hope to see more of her too!

    Five, finally, my thoughts on this comic. It was hot. As all of your comics are! But…I kind of didn’t understand the intentions of the new characters. What were they trying to do? What reaction did they want to see by teasing/seducing Nessie? I can’t tell if they’re bullying her or trying to get her to fuck them. Please tell me ;.; I need to know.(Nessie’s reaction was so cute by the way lol)

  3. first of all i just have to say pubes are love,pubes are life its nice to see someone that understands the beauty of a thick garden of eden on a lovely woman’s crotch

    that aside i honestly like where this is going allison and nessie are in a relationship and has been for god knows how long so when a bunch of gals hungry for the lochness monster shows up nessie’s reluctant since she is alison’s girlfriend/lover so for ali to pop up and go “hey hags she’s mine!” really says alot i can’t wait to see what comes next

  4. A magnificent work! You are quickly becoming my favorite futa artist. It is incredible to see how much you improved so fast! Keep up the good work! c:
    Oh, one more thing;
    “Do you like what you see?” -> Whenever I read that, I listen to it with Van Darkholme’s voice in my mind :v

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