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Hey lewdies <3

During months you requested me “Alison’s brother”
I freaking love this character and I’m really honored you love him too <3 I created it him around october last year, and I only involved him 5 times in a story or an artwork.

I always wanted him to be reserved and mysterious, and I had never chosen any name to keep him even more confusing.  Today he has a name: Alice ! No ” Alison’s brother, brother of Alison, … or Trapison” anymore, hehe. I hope you’re not dispointed too much! :3 i have many reasons to call him like this.

About “Traps”
The first time when “Alice” appeared in my universe, I called him “trap”. Do you remember? But now (as you can see on this story), I think “trap” is not exactlty what I want about him. Traps in general are quite arousing and confusing mystery for me, but mostly related to submissive persons.  Even I involved him in a dream of Nessie, this is not what I want for Alice; I’d only love him (except if I change my mind again) to be a crossdresser.

Have a good day <3

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  1. If either Nessie or Alison decides to have sex with someone outside their relationship (up to you, since they’re your characters), I think it’d be best if both of them were present, and the other would watch, just to make sure their lover doesn’t get hurt.

    Also, if you could color the strip for Nessie’s dream, that’d be awesome.

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