Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic full pages)


(To be continued… )

Hey lewdies,

For few days, I worked on a short comic involving Karen, Natasha, and Miss Rosewood. Because I still have a lot to do (around 2-3 pages), I plan to post the story, page per page, in multiple posts the next week. I’ll edit this post and add new images too.

Also if you are interested I suggest you to keep an eye on my next streamings (https://picarto.tv/lewdua). I am always happy to spend some time with you :3

– Versions (all pages): –

English https://imgur.com/a/kiLoczE

English, hairy : https://imgur.com/a/OvXWChw

French : https://imgur.com/a/qcPj7UL

French, hairy : https://imgur.com/a/nCTVaJB

I hope you like it!

Have a great day



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