Nessie at the doctor


Hey lewdies

It’s been a long time without any news, sorry!
I was working hard on this story during 2 weeks, I really hope you’ll like it, even it does not contain any real sex scene, … because you know, … Nessie won’t cheat or something. I thought it was cute to see a life moment of a futanari.

Hairy version :

Spanish version :

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  1. This is just sooo cute!
    I love how Nessie’s appendage just has a mind of it’s own and she can’t keep it under control.
    Also, the reaction of the doctor is priceless. Nessie really is huuge as can be seen from the doctors reaction.
    I wonder how the doctor will deal with the images of Nessie still in her mind once she has left.
    Too bad you didn’t draw that Lewdua. 😛

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