Fantasy – Nessie and the doctor


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Hey lewdies <3

This is what actually happened in the doctor’s room.

Is it really a fantasy dream, though? :3 Yes, no, who knows? … This scene took place before Nessie was in couple with Alison, s,o whatever right ? … :p I hope you like it!!

Lewdies, sorry for the cheap looking of this story. At the begining I was planning a simple artwork, but I added few frames to add sense and transition, and maybe you can think it was rushed or something….

Have a great day!

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  1. Cum inflation in your art makes me happy. c: I only hope that whenever we finally get to see Audrey & Morgan get it on, Morgan pumps Audrey even fuller, until the poor girl just can’t handle any more cum in her tummy without popping.

    Do you have any more non-canon fantasies planned for the future? Because I can totally imagine Alison’s (and maybe Tasha’s shared) fantasy from the self-suck comic involving Alison sitting reverse cowgirl on Tasha’s cock & taking a massive belly-bloating creampie or two from her. 😮

    Completely random thought as an aside: Imagine if Tasha goes in for a checkup & has the same doctor. I doubt it would even be confined to a fantasy; Tasha would straight up just pin her down & pump her full until her belly is ready to explode.

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