Natasha and Alison – extra images (not canon)



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From the original story:

Heya lewdies,

As highly requested, I added few extra images (not canon) to the story “Tribute to the self-suck”. I love to see Alison being dominated just a little bit. Since she did not finish, I hope it will be her turn in a next story^^

Well I made it while I was sick, I hope it’s not too bad and you enjoy it :3

Have a great day!!

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  1. I’m so happy this was made I love both Tasha and Alison so much. Having that said I’m also glad it’s not canon cuz Nessie is so cute and I’d never want her to get hurt even if it wasn’t Alison’s fault. If all the girls happened to have a swinger’s night (even if not canon) where no one would get hurt but there would be different combinations of girls that would be cool to see.

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