[VIDEO] A late night snack


Hey lewdies <3

I tried to make a little “anime” with Karen and Natasha.

Please be nice to me :3 I’m a newbie animator and I probably used the worst creepy techniques during those 8 nights. Though I’m glad, I brought my own characters to life <3 I hope you like it too!

Part 2: https://lewdua.com/2019/08/02/a-late-night-snack-part-2/

Video link: https://lewdua.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/a_late_night_snack_by_lewdua_HD.mp4

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  1. Well, to be completely honest looking at this with out knowing your new to this I’d say this animation isn’t great but certainly not terrible by any means, I’d give it a 5/10. The easiest way that you can improve it would be to simply add more frames so the animation is smoother but even with all that said I still think this is awesome and cant wait for the continuation!

  2. This is pretty good to be your first animation, I will give some honest criticism however. The animation is a bit stiff due to there being too few frames, if you want to make it smoother you need to give the animation more frames.

    Nevertheless for a first animation attempt, you did a damn good job I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

  3. When I consider your animation skills and how they have progressed over time, if the work was not so extensive and time consuming I could imagine you dubbing your voice on top of the characters and doing all the work yourself. Just cause you are that awesome.

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