Joining Nessie and Alison


Hey lewdies,

Public showers are my favorite places for some reasons, but maybe you already noticed :p

It’s been a long time I haven’t drawn Nessie and Alison. I miss them! I’ll probably draw more of them in the future :3 I hope you love this artwork though.

Have a great day!


Thank you Phdhentai for the english version, and HellBat for the spanish <3


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  1. I love the whole sex in a public shower going on, but…who is she? and why does she think it’s okay to ask Alison and Nessie to join them in the shower in such an intimate moment? does she want in on the sex too? is that what she meant in the first place? I am confusion.

  2. They’re in a public shower, what did they expect lol. Also, I’ve been wondering, what’s Nessie’s real name ? (she’s almost lucky she got « Lochness » and not just « Freak » or « Erreur de la nature » btw).

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