Lola not making potions


“Thick nipples” version:

Hey lewdies <3

A single artwork of Lola, while she’s not making any potions :3 This drawing is not related to the current main story I’m making with Pamela, I just had a little fun

I tried a new haircut; i’ll see if I keep it or not. Also tried to work a bit on the squishy parts of her body and the face’s style. I hope you like it!



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I’m a hentai artist and I love futanaris so much! I am the creator of the futanari Nessie, Alison, and her brother. Also Natasha and Karen. All my stories and artworks are FREE. I hope you love my work ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Damn love the art work so much and since your experimental with your drawings can I add a suggestion?

    Could you try and incorporate vains into your characters like in the boobs, and penis or larger and more swollen areas to add some kool effects understand if it doesn’t match your style of drawing but damn vains make boobs and penis’s look so much juicer if ya know what I’m getting at but only just a suggestion (even though I got a bit carried away there haha)

    !Keep up your amazing work!

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