Morgan and Audrey, finally! Part 4





Heyyy everyone, lewdies! <3

Finally! Morgan and Audrey together again! Like I said, I’ve never received so many messages, requesting this continuation. Lately I was really motivated and excited to bring back this story on the scene. I’m really sorry for the long waiting time ^^’ I just waited the perfect moment to make it seriously. I hope you like it!

And of course… I suggest a continuation, like every time. You know me now :3

Have a good time! <3


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  1. Yeeesssss, it’s here! ♥
    The time spent waiting was very much worth it; we never want you to rush or push yourself too hard, or to work on something you don’t want to!
    That said, I’m so happy my prayers to our lord & savior Lewdua have been answered and that not only do we get to see Morgan & Audrey again, but this story is also including cum inflation! Audrey looks so damn cute & sexy with her tummy swollen by Morgan’s cum. I’m also glad that Audrey hasn’t had enough of Morgan yet, and very much look forward to a continuation featuring more of their night together! Audrey’s belly needs to be pumped MUCH fuller & bigger with Morgan’s cum, and as Morgan said, she’s been waiting a long time for this, so I’m sure she still has a lot more cum to give Audrey. It’ll be fun to see them keep going at it through the night with Audrey’s belly gradually bloating bigger & bigger until she just can’t take another drop of Morgan’s jizz without her tummy exploding!

  2. This is so lovey-dovey and I really enjoy that, haha. Looking forward to the rest whenever it may come!
    Also wanted to say that I appreciate how you’ve been doing more foreskin stuff lately! It’s hot and I love the way you draw them.

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