New website and news

Hey lewdies,

I hope you are okay! :3 I’ve been quite busy in the past few days since my previous post.

1) As you can see, I changed the layout of my website! This new one is focusing on mobile navigation since 3/4 of visitors are on their phone. The old version was too heavy, with slow loading etc.

I wanted to thank all my patrons on Patreon. Thanks to them, this website can exist, handle a huge amount of visitors, without annoying porn ads! If you wanna help as well, please take a look to my Patreon page: !

2) I came back on Blender to study 3D again. It’s a great help for me to build main shapes of perspective backgrounds, some scenes can be hard to draw in 2D with my drawing software (Clip studio paint). It’s nice to try camera positions in the scene before drawing too.

Natasha’s room in 3D (rough)

3) I started a new story with Natasha and Alison, and the scene takes place in this 3D room. I think I’ll be able to post the first part in few days. Stay tuned! :3

I hope you’ll have happy holidays, lewdies!



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  1. Kazama13
    Kazama13: Thank you for this easy layout. Love it. Can't wait for that story!
  2. Fajjibootylover
    Fajjibootylover: I cant wait to see what come after this revelation of Natasha and Alison together <3
  3. Dreamer-Sama
    Dreamer-Sama: I'm glad the "Full Gallery" option is added back in when I mentioned it to Lewdua! As for this art something is bugging me. At first I noticed Tasha's boobs look bigger than usual but that could be the bra or outfit just exaggerating them, not necessarily that they grew. (not that I mind) I think the part that is bugging me is her proportions, in particular her arms. Tasha is usually (forgive me for using this term) "thicc" and "curvy" usually resulting in her arms being a bit more chubby or muscular. I may be being too critical and over thinking it, it's just my opinion, not important. For all I know Lewdua could be trying new art style again that I'm unaware of.