Stamina condom

                                                                Hello everyone! This new story took me a long long time to make (I spent 12 days on it). I really hope you’ll enjoy, like...

“Good morning, babe”

Made in 5 long days :D. Please share it if you love it!  > Pubic hair version : > Pubic hair + ass hair version :

Urgent desire

“Urgent desire” - New story of Nessie and Alison I really hope you’ll enjoy!!!! :D (i spent 5 days working on it) Bonus version “with hair” here...

The bus story

Alison turned to her brother : “We have to take the fucking bus today…” A single seat remained on the bus and the siblings took...

A late night snack

Additional version WITH HAIR

Alison in the showers

        Girl: “Hey Alison, uhhhmm what are you doing?” Alison: “…mmm that’s it Nessie, suck my thick cock, mmmm!” Girl: “Oh Alison!? Wow, she’s… really big!” Alison: “Mmmm!...

Drawing the perfect dick

A short story I had in mind for a long time! I hope you’ll enjoy it <3 <3 <3