FAQ – Lewdua

Are you French ?

Are you a boy or a girl or a transgender or a futa?

How was your day?

Do you take commission or requests?
No. Sorry about that. I am bad and procrastinate when I try to take commissions, because this is not something I chose. I love to draw my universe, with my babies.

Do you play video games?
I’d like to play more, or watch series, but I spend my free time at drawing lewds. I love it!

How long did it take for you yo get this good at making such AMAZING WORKS OF ART!?
I draw everyday for 5-6 years. Since I started Lewdua, in 2016 dec. I draw even more now.

How long it take you to find your art style?
I’m still learning and my current style won’t be the same in one year, maybe. My current “style” is a mix of :

  • drawing something in time, depending the amount of details I need, and depends of my motivation. Depends if i draw a comic with a lot of little drawings, I will make it cartoony, or if I want to make a single artwork, i’ll probably spend more time for shading, details.
  • drawing the thing as much as appealing from my own eye as I can, . I tested a lot of differents styles during years, copying a lot of different artists, and kept a lot of parts I enjoyed to see (the way i draw chins, noses, shoulders, rubbons, hair, environments, rendering, etc… well everything…) – drawing something with a focus. The thing I want to tell.

With your permission, can I please draw Alison?
Yes, you can draw my characters. I’m honored they are becoming quite popular 😀 However, do draw them only because you like them; Do not draw them for a reblog/retweet/advertising etc on purpose.

Ever get turned on by your own drawing?

Please draw the continuation of…
Sorry! I like to tease you.  But also, I like to split stories, because it’s a lot of work and I take breaks to work on other things

Have you ever seen a dick irl ?

FAQ – Drawing futas

I wish I could be inside all your work having fun too
I wish I could too!

Please draw Futa on male
Not for the moment, maybe one day, who knows

Can you draw some cute futa ponys? an you draw some Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara Crofts by any chance?

FAQ – Nessie, Alison and her brother

Does Alison’s brother have a name?
Yes, of course.

Will Allison’s brother be making more (hopefully lewd) appearances?
Yes, she’s on the team now.

Could you do an orgy with all the characters you have?
I do not like orgies, or threesome, or anything with multiple people. I’m a jealous and exclusive love person. I won’t share my love with you, so Nessie, won’t give her Alison. My art is a part of myself, so I feel nothing about crazy sex like this.

Any chance we will see some more Nessie self suck in the near future?
Yes, yes, yes! I love it

…If only Alison could be real lol
Oh my…

Can we have the official dick lengths of Nessie and Alison please
Depends my mood haha

Why is nessie permanently blushing?
Yes. She’s really shy and anxious like me.