FAQ – Lewdua

Are you French ?

Are you a boy or a girl or a transgender or a futa?

How was your day?

Do you take commission or requests?

Sorry about that. I am bad and procrastinate when I try to take commissions, because this is not something I chose. I love to draw my universe, with my babies.

How long did it take for you yo get this good at making such AMAZING WORKS OF ART!?
I draw everyday for 5-6 years. Since I started Lewdua, in 2016 dec. I draw even more.

With your permission, can I please draw Alison?
Yes, you can draw my character. I’m honored they are becoming quite popular 😀 However, do draw them only because you like them; Do not draw them for a reblog/retweet/advertising etc on purpose.

Ever get turned on by your own drawing?

Have you ever seen a dick irl ?

FAQ – Drawing futas

I wish I could be inside all your work having fun too
I wish I could too!

Have you ever done any or considered doing anything with a bi Futa on guy pic??
Futa on male? Mmh, no thanks

Can you draw some cute futa ponys? an you draw some Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara Crofts by any chance?

FAQ – Nessie, Alison and her brother

Does Alison’s brother have a name?
Yes, of course.

Will Allison’s brother be making more (hopefully lewd) appearances?
Yes, she’s on the team now.

Could you do an orgy with all the characters you have?
I do not like orgies, or threesome, or anything with multiple people. I’m a jealous and exclusive love person. I won’t share my love with you, so Nessie, won’t give her Alison. My art is a part of myself, so I feel nothing about crazy sex like this.

Whats your Favorite thing to draw your crew doing? What do you like about your characters the most ?
I love to play with cuteness and naughtiness. I’m fond of drawing Nessie and Alison like a normal couple and doing normal things on the day routine.

Will you be drawing one of your characters giving a footjob on themselves or another?
Mmh, I feel nothing about a footjob at the moment. Maybe in the future, who knows 😉

Were Nessie and Alison born the way they were? Just to clarify, were they born futas?
Yes, they were born futas. They had to grow up and live day after with their beautiful bits down there. I love this thought. For me, a futa is only a futa. I do not like character who can choose, transform, etc. I think I never drew Nessie or Alison like normal girls before; that makes no sense for me.

Is alison’s brother the type to take it up the butt, or fuck the butt?

Any chance we will see some more Nessie self suck in the near future?
Yes, yes, yes! I love it

Any chance we could get a gif of Nessie giving Allison a bj?
I’m not really confortable with complex animation, but I should try on day!

…If only Alison could be real lol
Oh my…

Is there gonna be a like turning point or are you going to add to this story like supernatural stuff like magic or something
No. I do not like magic stuff, futa potions, crazy triple dicks, etc I want my universe real believable for everyone and for me.

Make a webcomic of Alison’s Brother getting dominated in sex from her Sister and Nessie – When are we going to see Nessie getting her hands on Allison’s brother?
This is an embarrassing question. I know I have drawn Nessie on early stage with many other characters. And, yes, I regret it, because it is ruining her story a bit. But now, Nessie does not cheat… even I would really want her to do it

Since lochness (Nessie) has a puss puss, does Alison have one too?
Yes, they have both. Dong and puss puss.

What do you think about futanari in “Milking Table theme”?
I have own my preferences in the wide “futa universe”. I don’t like to think they are just milking machines like animals. They have feelings!

You ever thought of drawing Nessie docking Alison’s foreskin?
I should draw this in the future

Can we have the official dick lengths of Nessie and Alison please
Depends my mood haha

Why is nessie permanently blushing?
Yes. She’s really shy and anxious like me.