Universe of Lewdua

- Full timeline -

The day I met my Alison

“The day I met my Alison” A tiny cute video I had in mind for a long time.  ❤ I suggest you to watch it with a love background music (like this one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD7kFCSfvvY (Lene Marlin - Unforgivable Sinner )) I’m working on another lewd comics, stay tuned<3 Have a great day, lewdies! Lewdua ❤ ❤...

Introducing Alison

Naughty Alison

Smelling dick

BG story (part 1)

BG story (part 2)

BG story (part 3)

BG story (part 4)

The kiss

Restroom gift

After all the public teasing, the pure frustration, the secret longing… Nessie finally finds her mouth wrapped around Alison’s thickening shaft.

Stroking for Alison

Stroking hard

Lochness’ Specialty!


Nessie milking Alison

5 min before

Your brother is a trap?

“Your brother is… a trap???“ Introducing a new secondary character on the crew 😀

The bus story

Alison turned to her brother : “We have to take the fucking bus today…” A single seat remained on the bus and the siblings took it, annoyed that they had to sit together. Alison twirled her hair, bored, tapping her heel to pass the time. As the engine cranked to...

Alison’s brother

The mirror

Alison Condom

Thursday night

Watching TV

Gimme a kiss

Drawing the perfect dick

Straighten your body

Late at night

My two loves

“Good morning, babe”

Made in 5 long days :D. Please share it if you love it!  > Pubic hair version : https://imgur.com/a/oHNa7 > Pubic hair + ass hair version : https://imgur.com/a/YbUxf

A late night snack


Making love

Locker room sex - Nessie and Alison Hey my lewdies <3 You waited so long, I worked 2 weeks on it! I hope you'll enjoy my first video! I was inspired a lot by Rondo duo lately. Be cool with the quality, this is my first real animation project, I tried to do my...

Shower show

I see a huge creature here

The contest

Hello lewdies Thank you for your patience <3 Now that I’m better, I have put on the side all I was doing to focus on a new fresh and simple artwork with Karen and Natasha, with the new style I was experimenting. I hope you like it! Also, of...

Miss Rosewood

Hey Lewdies, Here is Miss Rosewood, a futa teacher on the universe of Karen and Natasha. My patrons voted for her design in a poll, and here, I used the same new coloring style again :3 She will be involved in my next story! I hope you like it! Have a great day...

Crossover 2019!

Hey everyone <3 This is official, I made the crossover! All my characters finally in the same universe! In 2017, a few months after I started drawing hentai, I created, step by step, a naughty universe by giving birth to my beloved characters: Nessie and Alison, then Alice, and other secondary...

From now, I merged all the characters in the same universe.

The apartment – Crossover

Starting in January 2019, all of my characters now share the same universe (Lewdies Crossover). All of their past experiences will be attached to this universe as well, despite any minor inconsistencies. Beginning today, by lucky coincidence, lovely couple Nessie and Alison, sisters Karen and Natasha, and Alice, Alison's older...

What happens next?

I work everyday to create naughty stories and artworks with all my characters. I’m always working on something :3

Stay tuned!

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I’m a hentai artist and I love futanaris so much! I am the creator of the futanari Nessie, Alison, and her brother. Also Natasha and Karen. All my stories and artworks are FREE. I hope you love my work ❤ ❤ ❤